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Our goal at Great State Dental Lab is to serve as a resource for high-quality restorations and services that add value to your practice. The services we have chosen to offer will help increase patient satisfaction and successful results, so you can prescribe with confidence.

In-Lab Shade Taking

When a restoration does not match your patient's surrounding teeth or expectations, it can severely impact their satisfaction with their treatment. Our team offers in-lab shade taking appointments. Our team is backed by shade taking expertise as well as the equipment and environment needed to ensure a highly accurate match. Your patient can visit our lab in Lakeway, Texas for an appointment with one of our technicians. We understand that your patient will view our lab as an extension of your practice, which is why we are sure to always put our best foot forward. Every appointment will be professional and comfortable for your patient.

Chairside Conversion

When a patient advances from a traditional removable prosthesis to an implant-retained restoration, it can be a highly complicated process. You can schedule a chairside conversion appointment with one of our technicians. They will come to your practice and convert the patient's old removable into an implant-retained provisional during surgery. When your patient is ready to leave, they will receive a provisional that they are familiar and comfortable with. This provisional will protect the implants while their mouth heals.

Reline & Repair

Our team offers quick and efficient reline and repair services. Edentulous mouths shift in a more drastic way due to their lack of stabilizing dentition. This can cause a previously well-fitting removable to suddenly no longer suction or become uncomfortable to the patient. Our team will reline their denture so it once again fits well and will no longer cause unfortunate slipping. If your patient's removable happens to break, we will gladly repair it. A quick repair is important to reduce the time your patient is without their denture.