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Great State Dental Team

Mark Griffin


Great State Dental Team

Sidney Price

Office Manager

Hi! My name is Sidney Taylor Price. I moved to Austin in January 2022 and have been working at Great State Dental Lab since February 1st of 2022. I fell in love with dentistry in 2018 and have been in the field ever since.
Great State Dental Team

Brendon Cornell

Lab Manager

Great State Dental Team

Kenneth Johnson

CDT Master Ceramist

Having been in the field since the early ‘90s I have experience in almost every aspect of dental technology. I obtained my certification as a ceramics specialist because I love the rewards of creating natural looking, highly esthetic smile restorations and improvements. I’ve seen technologies evolve and excel drastically over my career and I’m really excited about the future and to be working with such a wonderful team here at Great State.
Great State Dental Team

Ewelina Banaszczyk

Prosthetics Technician

My name is Ewelina Jolanta Banaszczyk, I graduated in dental technology in London, United Kingdom. I currently work as a prosthetic and ceramist in Great State Dental lab. I am one of the team members that will transform and make your smile unforgettable.
Great State Dental Team

Mary Cardenas

Cad/Cam Technician

Great State Dental Team


CHO Chief Happiness Officer

Great State Dental Team

Nathalie Pina

Scheduling Coordinator